The Thomas Jefferson Class of 1955,  Port Arthur, Texas

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Pictures Taken September 2010 of Port Arthur

Reunion 2006 

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Reunion 2006

Port Arthur

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Sanderson's Restaurant Gathering     April 26, 2008

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Thomas Jefferson High School -2006

I don't care what they renamed it, it will always be Thomas Jefferson to our class of 1955.





Our 55 th Reunion- September  2010 

TJ class of 55,

   True Defenders of the Old Maroon and Gold

This web page is dedicated to those class members that we have lost.  Special Recognition is given to J.W.Beal who worked so hard for us developing a class web site.


Port Arthur Yellow Jackets- The Older Wiser Class that Sticks Together- We had it Our Way !                       


See Pictures Below by Carolyn Vera Walker                                            




                 Frances Nelson & Husband                                              Donnie Wilkinson ,  Bobby Langford

          Donnie Wilkinson, Carolyn Vera, Bobby Langford                                      Wiley Smith & Wife

              Jayne Bowman, Elvira Aranda & Husband                                           Armando and Isaura Hernadez


                 Mike Richards                                                                         Mike Richard's and Herbert Clup's Wives

                Thomas Campbell  & Margie Cryer

                    Janet Smith                                                                                            Barbara Hanson ,    Jeannie Linscomb

Barbara Hason, Beverly Poole , Rita Claire            Iris Raborn, Janet Schneider                         Chloe & Husband

                   Maria Flores,  Cynthia Borning                                                    Lynn Batterbee, Ronal White & Wives

                         Gladys Pearl Nash & Husband                                        Martha Cummings and husband Tom


                            Bones,  Herbert Culp  & Wife                                                                                Joseph Scott & Wife


  Jerry Strange's wife Laura & Janice Wehmeyer                                          Edel & Clyde Caughlin,  Owen Meredith

          Kenneth Walker & Carolyn Vera Walker                                      Carol Smith                            Frank DeRon

                  Jerry Brown & Wife                                                      Verna Gonsoulin & Husband Carl Lakey, Weezie's Husband


                       Jamie Hill with Don Hill                                                                              Weezie Thomson, Margery Jones 

                                            2010 REUNION -THE GANG                                  

                     John Thompson & Jo Ann Albert Thompson

Joel Riley, Herbert Clup, David Griffith,Clyd Caughlin, Bones, Ottis Webb

                                                Earl Daigle                                                                                         Next four pictures by Nancy Watler

                      Owen Meredith                                                Pat Gillory               Carolyn  Verret                 Wiley Smith                   Jo Ann Albert Thompson